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Painting Equipment ANDEX Co.

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Painting Equipment Spray Booth for Car Repair,Railroad Vehicle, Aircraft.

Company Profile

Company Name ANDEX Co., ltd.
Date of Foundation September. 1971
President Kouzou Tanabe
Head Office 15-29,HigashiOnomichi,Onomichi City,
Hiroshima 722-0051,Japan
The capital ¥100 Million
Main Stock Holder Osaka small/mid size company fostering Co., Ltd. Hiroshima Bank, Ltd.
Associated company ANDEX Solution Co., ltd.Onomichi KoujundoANDEX Mare Co., ltd.

Division of equipments for coatings

Description of business:Coating facilities, Drying plants & associated equipments
Head Office
  • 5-29,Higashionomichi,
    Hiroshima 722-0051,
  • TEL:0848-46-3711
  • FAX:0848-47-1211

Manufacturing plant of Sanba
  • 3045-7,Sanba-cho,
    Hiroshima 722-0052,
  • TEL:0848-46-5511
  • FAX:0848-47-5555

Tokyo Branch
  • 5-26-22,Higashiooi,Shinagawa-ku,
    Tokyo 140-0011,Japan
  • TEL:03-5479-0911
  • FAX:03-5479-0912
Osaka Branch
  • 1-23-19,Esaka-cho,Suita-shi,
    Osaka 564-0063,Japan
  • TEL:06-6368-6311
  • FAX:06-6368-6312
Nagoya Branch
  • 3-21-25,Marunouchi,Naka-ku,Nagoya-shi,
    Aichi 460-0002,Japan
  • TEL:052-957-2511
  • FAX:052-957-2512
Gifu Technical Center
  • 2-81-1,Sohara Toeicho, Kakamigahara-shi,
    Gifu 504-0815,Japan
  • TEL:058-322-8181
  • FAX:058-322-8259
Fukuoka Branch
  • 12-28,Kamikawabata-machi,Hakata-ku,
    Fukuoka 812-0026,japan
  • TEL:092-292-7981
  • FAX:092-292-7982

Division of Sports-Cycle

Description of business:A plan, production, sale of the bicycle
  • 15-29,Higashionomichi,Onomichi-shi,
    Hiroshima 722-0051,Japan
  • TEL:0848-46-3751
  • FAX:0848-38-1177

Associated company  ANDEX Solution Co., ltd.

Description of business:NTT-DOCOMO cell-phones, mobile devices
Head office
  • 15-29,HigashiOnomichi,Onomichi-shi,
    Hiroshima 722-0051,Japan
  • TEL:0848-46-3711
  • FAX:0848-47-1211
Docomo shop Onomichi
  • 2-11-1,Kuriharanishi,Onomichi-shi,
    Hiroshima 722-0026,Japan
  • TEL:0848-21-1181
  • FAX:0848-21-1182
Docomo shop Midorii
  • 5-29-10,Midorii,Asaminami-ku,
    Hiroshima 731-0103,Japan
  • TEL:082-831-8411
  • FAX:082-831-8414
Docomo shop Higashi Onomichi
  • 5643 Nisisingai,Takasucho,Onomichi-shi,
  • TEL:0848-20-3411
  • FAX:0848-47-2311
Docomo shop Kannabe
  • 813-1 Kannabecho Kawaminami,
  • TEL:084-960-5311
  • FAX:084-960-5315
Docomo shop ION mall Hiroshima Gion
  • 3-2-1 ION mall Hiroshima Gion,Gion,Asaminami-ku,
  • TEL:082-850-2811
  • FAX:082-846-0211